Saturday, November 15, 2008

17 - AIIMS november 2008 forensic mcqs with answers

1q: What is falanga?

2q:. hydrocution refers to?

a. Drowning in cold water
b. Electrocution in water
c. Post mortem immersion
d. Immersion in boiling water

3q: which of the following is not a constituent of embalming fluid?

a. Phenol
b. Ethanaol
c. formalin
d. Glycerine

4q: Thanatology is study of?

5q: a man working as a pest killer comes to opd with pain abdomen and garlic odour in breath with transverse lines on nails. posoning is due to?

a. Lead
b. arsenic
c. mercury
d. Cadmium

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