Thursday, February 25, 2010

25 - Signs and Symptoms of chronic LEAD poisoning

1. Facial pallor : This is the earliest symptom.
2. Colic and Constipation : This is the first symptom that armbouses suspicion of plumbism
3. Anemia : This is associated with punctate basophilia
4. Lead line (BURTONIAN LINE) : A bluish-black line due to epithelial deposition of lead sulphide granules on the gums at the junction with the teeth. (not on teeth). Similar line may also be seen with Mercury, Copper, Bismuth, Iron and Silver poisoning.
5. Paralysis : Usually a late manifestation. Commonly causes wrist drop (extensor muscles of wrist) but may cause foot drop (peroneal muscles).
6. Lead encephalopathy : Frequently seen in children (not so common in adults).
7. Reproductive system : Menstrual disorders, abortion/still births, degenerate offsprings and sterility.

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