Monday, March 22, 2010

29 - Tache noire

*Tache noir is one of the important postmortem changes seen in the eye after death.

*If the eyes remain open after death, the areas of the sclera exposed to the air dry out, which results in a first yellowish, then brownish-blackish band like discoloration zone called TACHE NOIRE.

*It is seen mostly after 7 to 8 hours after death. (AP PG 2010 Question).


Blackswon said...

Very informative. I read the term in a Cornwell novel & wanted to know what it meant.

Anonymous said...

i've read that it develops in 3 hr after death

Anonymous said...

I recently examined a female with very distinct bi-lateral tache noire less than 3 hours after her death but after leaving her eyes open in a lighted room, the discoloration appeared to fade to a less distinct band within one hour. At the time of the autopsy two days later the tache noire had disappeared altogether.

Anonymous said...

Question to "Anonymous-June 17, 2012":
I am curious, why did the bilateral tache noire vanish from the eyes of the female corpse two S/P death [noted at the time of autopsy]?

Does appear regardless, or did it become so pronounced due to her eyes being left open w/ exposure to air/light?

Is the fact that it disappeared something one would not expect to occur?

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Can tache noire and blood shot eyes be. Mistaken 1hour after death?


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